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Everything in life starts with an opportunity, including the second chance to build a strong financial record. Get your finances in order and rebuild your financial record with Opportunity Savings and Checking accounts*.

Your Opportunity to Learn

It takes $5 to open an Opportunity Savings Account.  Once you’ve opened an Opportunity Savings account, then you can open an Opportunity Checking account.

Your Opportunity to Succeed

Enjoy these benefits of the Opportunity Checking Account:

The Opportunity Accounts have a low $5 monthly fee with Direct Deposit ($8 per month without).

After one year, you may qualify for another checking or savings account option.

Overdraft Protection

Eligible members can also request overdraft protection. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have a bounced check or a declined transaction.

Opportunity Checking accounts are eligible for three types of overdraft coverage (Courtesy Pay is not available for this account).

Get Started!

To open your Opportunity Savings account, contact us or visit your local Centra branch.