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Switch to Electronic Statements and view your account information right away!

  • Instead of waiting for an envelope to show up, you’ll have access to your statement the first business day after the month has ended.
  • We take care to safeguard your information. Plus, eliminating your paper trail reduces the risk of your account information falling into the wrong hands.
  • You can view or download your statement online 24/7. Need to review your previous statements? No problem. You can access up to five years of eStatements any time you need them.

Earth-friendly.  Feel good about doing your part for the environment when you sign up for eStatements. They minimize waste and save trees!

Get Started

Signing up for Electronic Statements is easy:

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Select Statement Preferences under the My Profile heading

If you ever decide you like receiving paper statements better, all you have to do is log back in and update your preferences.

Have a question?  Contact us or visit your local Centra branch.