It pays to learn about money. Literally!

We’ve added new lessons to Zogo. Now, you can learn about traveling with your cards, cybersecurity, and more!

Zogo guides users of all ages through 350+ bite-sized financial education lessons. There are two ways to use Zogo. You can learn more about those below.

Zogo is now available in Spanish! If your phone’s language settings are set to Spanish, Zogo will automatically display in Spanish. You can also manage your language preferences on your Zogo profile.


Zogo mobile

Zogo Mobile

Financial education is like a game with Zogo Mobile! Just download the Zogo app on your phone and start exploring the courses that interest you most.

  • Earn points for completing lessons and level up.
  • Join the ‘pineapple party’ daily and earn pineapples.
  • Redeem pineapples for gift cards to your favorite stores.

With the Zogo app, learning about money is fun and rewarding. Literally!

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Zogo classroom

Zogo Classroom

Zogo was developed by a group of Duke University students who knew there needed to be a fun way to learn about money. With Zogo Classroom, you can bring the fun of financial education to your students.

  • Jumpstart Curriculum approved content.
  • Ability to add classes and add your students.
  • Earn a Financial Education Certificate on completion.

Nearly 50 percent of high school seniors say they wish they learned personal finance in school.* Teaching financial education is easy with Zogo, so get started today!

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*Statistics. finEDge. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2022, from https://finedge.uchicago.edu/advocacy/stats