It pays to learn about money. Literally!

Zogo guides users of all ages through 350+ bite-sized financial education lessons. There are two ways to use Zogo.

Zogo mobile

Zogo Mobile

Financial education is like a game with Zogo Mobile! Just download the Zogo app on your phone and start exploring the courses that interest you most.

  • Earn points for completing lessons and level up.
  • Join the ‘pineapple party’ daily and earn pineapples.
  • Redeem pineapples for gift cards to your favorite stores.

With the Zogo app, learning about money is fun and rewarding. Literally!

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Zogo classroom

Zogo Classroom

Zogo was developed by a group of Duke University students who knew there needed to be a fun way to learn about money. With Zogo Classroom, you can bring the fun of financial education to your students.

  • Jumpstart Curriculum approved content.
  • Ability to add classes and add your students.
  • Earn a Financial Education Certificate on completion.

Nearly 50 percent of high school seniors say they wish they learned personal finance in school.* Teaching financial education is easy with Zogo, so get started today!

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*Statistics. finEDge. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2022, from https://finedge.uchicago.edu/advocacy/stats