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You never stop growing, so your money shouldn’t either! A certificate is a great way to make your money grow in either the short- or long-term.

Certificates from Centra are fixed-rate, fixed-term investment accounts that offer competitive dividends and guaranteed security.  You can choose between a variety of term lengths (from 7 days to 5 years) to meet your personal financial needs.

Raise Your Rate Certificate*

Start with a great rate now, and enjoy the confidence of knowing you’ll have the opportunity to raise your rate if market rates rise. Term options: 36 months with one rate raise; 60 months with two rate raises.  Minimum deposit: $5,000.

Freedom Certificate

A great interest rate and the flexibility of unlimited deposits. 18 month term. Minimum deposit: $500.

Investor's Certificate

Enjoy a great return on certificates with terms from 3 to 13 months. Minimum deposit: $5,000.

Seven-Day Certificate

Get a higher return on your savings while keeping funds liquid. Minimum deposit: $25,000.

*During the original certificate term of your Raise Your Rate (RYR) Certificate, you may increase your dividend rate twice on a 60-month certificate to the then-current rate of a standard (non-special or non-promotional) certificate with a fixed rate and term that is equal to or the closest term less than the remaining term of your RYR Certificate. The rate increase will become effective on the date of the rate change. If you allow this certificate to automatically renew at maturity, it will renew into a standard certificate with a fixed rate and fixed term equal to the original term of the RYR Certificate at the then-current standard certificate rate.