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Learn more about Certificate accounts

You never stop growing, so your money shouldn’t either! A certificate account is a great way to make your money grow in either the short- or long-term.

Certificate accounts at Centra are fixed-rate, fixed-term investments that offer competitive dividends and guaranteed security.  You can choose between a variety of term lengths (from 7 days to 5 years*) to meet your personal financial needs.

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Other Certificate accounts we offer

Freedom Certificate

A great interest rate and the flexibility of unlimited deposits. 18 month term. Minimum deposit: $500.

Investors Certificate

Enjoy a great return on certificates with terms from 3 to 13 months. Minimum deposit: $5,000.

Seven-Day Certificate

Get a higher return on your savings while keeping funds liquid. Minimum deposit: $25,000.

* Early withdrawal penalties may apply and could reduce earnings.