Auto Loans

How low can your auto loan go?

Replace or refinance your ride to take advantage of this great rate! When you refinance or come to Centra for your new auto loan, you could get:
• An interest rate as low as 3.99% APR*
• No payment for 90 days**
• A cash pay-out***


Centra Debt Protection

You won’t have to worry about delinquency, default or foreclosure of your auto loan if you experience a protected life event like involuntary unemployment, disability, or loss of life. Centra’s Debt Protection Program can cancel your loan balance if these unfortunate circumstances occur.

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Mechanical Repair Coverage


No one plans for an unexpected car breakdown. With our mechanical repair coverage, you can be ready for the road ahead. Centra is bringing you a better car repair experience. If your car qualifies, you can purchase mechanical repair coverage at an exclusive Member rate.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Even if your loan balance becomes higher than your vehicle’s value (which can happen as a car or truck’s value declines), you won’t have to worry about financial loss or liability with this protection. GAP coverage can take care of the difference between an insurance reimbursement and your outstanding loan balance.

Proof of Auto Insurance

If you received a notice from us requesting evidence of current insurance, this is because it is required as a condition of your loan agreement. Use this secure site to submit proof of insurance.

How much can you afford?

Use Centra’s auto loan calculator to see how the term and down payment affect your estimated monthly payments.

Auto Calculator

Got a new auto loan with Centra?

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. This offer is available for auto and motorcycles. Refinanced loans must be a new loan to Centra with at least six months payment history verified by existing contract or credit bureau OR Centra loan payoffs with a minimum $2,500 new money required. Person-to-person purchases and dealership purchases funded directly through Centra are also eligible. Indirect auto loans originated through a dealership are not eligible. No other offers, coupons, or discounts apply. This offer is valid for applications taken from February 13, 2023, through April 30, 2023, with loan closings required by May 15, 2023. Interest accrues beginning the first day the loan closes. Your repayment term begins when your first payment is due. All loans subject to credit approval. Rate will vary by the term of the loan, your credit score, age of vehicle, etc. Rates are subject to change without notice.
**The option to defer payments up to 90 days is available. This offer is not automatically applied.
***Cash pay-out is subject to credit approval. Pay-out is calculated before add-ons, such as GAP, debt protection, or extended service contracts.