Centra Members are reporting fraudulent text messages claiming there has been fraud on their debit cards. If you receive one of these messages, please do not respond, call any numbers, or click any links. To identify a valid Centra fraud alert, visit Centra.org/debit-card-fraud-alerts/

Service Charge Schedule

Printed Statement Charge (per primary statement account; primary owner
over 65 and Special Titled Accounts excluded)
$2.00 per month
Cashier’s Check$3.00
High Interest Checking (if minimum requirements not met)$5.00 per month
Opportunity Checking with direct deposit$5.00 per month
Opportunity Checking without direct deposit$8.00 per month
Money Order $2.00
Visa Gift Card$2.95
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), Uncollected Funds (UCF) for transactions greater than $10.00 – per presentment (maximum of 3 per day) $29.00
Courtesy Payment (CP) for transactions greater than $10.00 – per presentment (maximum of 3 per day)$29.00
Bad Address - per each primary statement account (Membership, Opportunity, & Business Savings)$5.00 per month
Account Research/Assistance (first 30 minutes free)$15.00/30 minutes
Stop Payment (Check or ACH)$15.00 each
Legal Attachment or Garnishment$25.00
Lost Card Replacement (ATM, Debit or Credit)$3.00
Rush Card Order$35.00
Health Savings Account (HSA) Account Closing $25.00
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer$15.00
International Outgoing Wire Transfer$85.00
Inactive/Dormant Checking Account (balances less than $100 after 12 months of inactivity; under 18 excluded)$2.00 per month
Foreign ATM Transaction (first 4 per month are free)$1.50 per withdrawal
Starter checks (first 8 are free)$1.00 per sheet of 4
3x5 Safe Deposit Box$20.00
5x5 Safe Deposit Box$30.00
3x10 Safe Deposit Box$35.00
5x10 Safe Deposit Box$50.00
10x10 Safe Deposit Box$80.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling or Lost Key ReplacementThird party vendor expense
Business Community Checking (first 400 transactions free)$0.20 per transaction over 400
Small Business Checking (first 500 transactions free)$0.30 per transaction over 500
Select Business Checking maintenance (waived if average daily balance is $10,000 or greater)$15.00 per month
Select Business Checking (first 750 transactions free)$0.25 per transaction over 750
Enhanced Business Checking maintenance $45.00 per month
Enhanced Business Checking (first 750 transactions free)$ 0.25 per transaction over 750

Effective as of January 31, 2023.

Overdraft fees may apply to transactions created by check, in-person withdrawal, internal transfer, or other electronic means. Consult your account disclosures for account specific charges.