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Loan Rates

Loan FAQs

Autos, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles

YearTermAPR¹ (%)Other Conditions
2022 - 2024Up to 54 months6.54-15.44
Up to 66 months 6.69-15.59
Up to 78 months7.14-10.79(Minimum Amount Financed $10,000)
Up to 84 months7.94-8.29(Minimum Amount Financed $20,000)
2020 - 2021Up to 54 months6.79-15.59
Up to 66 months6.94-15.69
Up to 78 months7.49-10.94(Minimum Amount Financed $10,000)
2017 - 2019Up to 54 months6.94-16.44
Up to 66 months 6.94-16.69
Up to 78 months7.69-11.44(Minimum Amount Financed $10,000)
2016 and olderUp to 42 months7.44-18.19
Up to 54 months7.54-18.29
Up to 66 months7.69-11.94

Boats, Motors, RVs, Campers, Horse & Utility Trailers

YearTermAPR¹ (%)Other Conditions
2022 - 2024Up to 60 months7.00-15.75
Up to 84 months8.00-16.25
Up to 120 months8.40-12.10(Minimum Amount Financed $18,000)
Up to 144 months8.70-12.40(Minimum Amount Financed $25,000)
2019 - 2021Up to 60 months7.25-16.25
Up to 84 months8.55-17.00
Up to 120 months9.15-12.85(Minimum amount Financed $18,000)
2018 and olderUp to 60 months8.50-18.75
Up to 84 months9.25-19.50
Up to 120 months9.80-13.75(Minimum amount Financed $18,000)

Secured Loans

Secured LoansTermAPR¹ (%)
All Secured Loans48 months10.74

Home Equity

Home EquityTermAPR¹ (%)
Fixed Rate Equity Loan60 months6.49-8.74
Fixed Rate Equity Loan120 months6.49-8.99
Fixed Rate Equity Loan180 months8.24-9.49
Variable Rate² -
Equity Plus - Home Equity Line of Credit
Prime + 0% (up to 80% LTV) 8.50
Variable Rate² -
Equity Plus - Home Equity Line of Credit
Prime + 1% (80.01% to 90% LTV) 9.50
Variable Rate² -
Equity Plus - Home Equity Line of Credit
Prime + 2% (90.01 to 100% LTV) 10.50

Personal Loans

Personal LoansTermAPR¹ (%)
Variable Rate²Prime + 6-12%14.50-18.00
Fixed Rate Personal36 months10.75-18.25
Fixed Rate Personal48 months11.50-18.25
Fixed Rate Personal60 months11.75-18.25

Credit Cards

Credit CardsMinimum paymentCurrent rate (%)Annual fee
The YOU Card²2% of avg balance13.50-18.00None
VISA Platinum²2% of avg balance14.24-18.00None
Secured VISA Platinum²2% of avg balance14.24-18.00None

Pledge Loans

Pledge LoansTermAPR¹ (%)
Share SecuredUp to 120 monthsShare +2% margin
Certificate SecuredBased on maturity rateCertificate rate +2%

Rates effective as of June 27, 2023 and subject to change without notice.

 1 – APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates will vary for loans initiated through a dealership or third party. 2 – Variable rates are subject to change; Interest rate index and any applicable margins are defined per loan contract. All loans are subject to credit approval. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and Equal Credit Opportunity Act.