Real Time Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Debit Card Fraud Alerts* help protect you from potential fraud by immediately sending you a text message when we detect suspicious activity on your Centra debit card. If we do not have your mobile number on file, we will attempt to contact you by phone.

How It Works

Fraud Alerts are texted from the number 37268. (Protip: add to your contacts as Centra Fraud Alert)

If suspicious activity is detected on your Centra debit card, and we have your mobile number on file, we will send you a real-time text message like this:

FreeMSG Centra Credit Union Fraud Center 8772538964 $125.46 on card 1234 at Macy’s. If valid reply YES, fraud No, To Opt Out, STOP.

If this is your transaction, reply YES. You’ll receive the following message and the transaction will go through:

FreeMSG Centra Credit Union Fraud Center 8772538964 Thank you for confirming this activity. You may continue to use your card. To Opt Out, STOP.

Or, if you do not recognize the transaction, reply NO. The transaction will be denied, a temporary hold will be placed on your card, and the fraud resolution process will begin as soon as you give us a call:

FreeMSG Centra Credit Union Fraud Center 8772538964 Your response has placed a hold on your card. Call us immediately at 8002323642. To Opt Out, STOP.

To opt out of fraud alerts, reply STOP and you’ll receive the following message. Text Undo to 37268 to reactivate:

FreeMSG Centra Credit Union Fraud Center 8772538964 Per your request you will no longer receive Fraud text alerts. To reactivate Fraud Text Alerts, reply UNDO. To Opt Out, STOP.

Stay Vigilant

Centra Credit Union will never initiate a phone call, email, or text message asking you for confidential information. Do not respond to any request for confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, or PIN and contact Centra immediately at 800-232-3642.

Protect Your Account

To take advantage of Debit Card Fraud Alerts, make sure your mobile number is on your Centra account. You can add it by visiting your closest Centra location or calling us at 800-232-3642.

*Message frequency of Debit Card Fraud Alerts can vary. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Text HELP to 37268 or call 800-232-3642 or email [email protected] for help. Text STOP to 37268 to cancel. Click here for privacy policy. Supported carriers are AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless USA, Sprint USA, T-Mobile USA, MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile.