Member Loyalty Account

Our Members are the reason for everything we do.
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When you open a consumer checking account with Centra, you get a Member Loyalty Account (MLA) to go with it. That’s because having an eligible checking account is the only requirement for participating in Centra’s Member Loyalty Rewards! The MLA is where your all-cash rewards are deposited, in one place, so you can watch your balance grow.

Member Loyalty Account


Your MLA is a reward in itself. That’s because it offers a higher interest rate than any other savings account at Centra. It’s like your rewards are earning more rewards! Because the interest rate on the MLA is so high, you can only add money to this account through Centra’s Member Loyalty Rewards. If deposits and transfers to your MLA weren’t limited, Centra wouldn’t be able to offer such a competitive rate!

Member Loyalty contributions

You can transfer or withdraw your cash rewards from your MLA at any time, or you can choose to let your balance grow and save it for a rainy day. Want to watch as your rewards grow? Simply log in to digital banking to check your MLA balance at any time!

If you open a new checking account, you can receive a separate MLA for each checking account. If you want to combine them into one, give us a call or let your Team Member opening the account know. Only MLAs with the same ownership can be combined.

Member Loyalty Bonus

A Member Loyalty Bonus is a unique benefit of a Centra Membership. With the Member Loyalty Bonus, you could earn surprise extra deposits to your MLA based on how much of your banking you do with Centra, how well our Credit Union is performing, and a handful of other factors including the economy. In early 2021, when Centra first launched Member Loyalty Rewards, the Credit Union paid out $2 million in Member Loyalty Bonuses to Members with checking accounts.


*Annual Percentage Yield. Subject to change at anytime.