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Business Rates

Product Dividend RateAPY
Business Shares0.20%0.20%
Business Special Shares0.20%0.20%
Business Savings Escrow0.20%0.20%
Dividend RateAPY
Business Premium Money Market Savings
$7,500 - 24,9990.50%0.50%
$25,000 - 49,9990.60%0.60%
$50,000 - 249,9990.75%0.75%
$250,000 - 499,9990.90%0.90%
$500,000 - 999,9991.04%1.05%
$1,000,000 - 4,999,9991.09%1.10%
$5,000,000 +1.01%1.01%

Share Certificates

Product/TermDividend Rate
($1,000 min)
APYDividend Rate
($100,000 min)
3 month0.25%0.25%0.30%0.30%
6 month0.55%0.55%0.60%0.60%
3 year medex0.95%0.95%
Freedom 18 month
(Only certificate that allows regular deposits)
0.65% ($500 min)0.65% ($500 min)
Dividend Rate
($500 min)
APY Dividend Rate
($100,000 min)
12 month0.70%0.70%0.75%0.75%
18 month0.75%0.75%0.80%0.80%
19 month*1.49%1.50%1.64%1.65%
24 month1.00%1.00%1.05%1.06%
30 month1.05%1.06%1.09%1.10%
3 year1.29%1.30%1.34%1.35%
47 month*2.23%2.25%2.37%2.40%
4 year1.49%1.50%1.54%1.55%
5 year2.08%2.10%2.13%2.15%

Investors Certificates

Term Dividend Rate
($5,000 min)
3 month0.25%0.25%
4 month0.30%0.30%
6 month 0.55%0.55%
8 month w/checking*0.80%0.80%
10 month0.55%0.55%
12 month0.70%0.70%
13 month0.65%0.65%
13 month (Web Only)0.75%0.75%
Dividend Rate
($25,000 min)
7 day 0.25%0.25%

Raise Your Rate Certificate*

TermDividend Rate
($5,000 min)
36 month*1.09%1.10%
60 month*1.98%2.00%

Rates effective as of November 16, 2017.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Early withdrawal penalties may apply and could reduce earnings.
* Denotes Rate Specials. During the original certificate term of your Raise Your Rate (RYR) Certificate, you may increase your dividend rate once on a 36-month certificate, and twice on a 60-month certificate to the then-current rate of a standard (non-special or non-promotional) certificate with a fixed rate and term that is equal to or the closest term less than the remaining term of your RYR Certificate. The rate increase will become effective on the date of the rate change. If you allow this certificate to automatically renew at maturity, it will renew into a standard certificate with a fixed rate and fixed term equal to the original term of the RYR Certificate at the then-current standard certificate rate.