Personal Loans

Pay for whatever
you need with a
personal loan!

You never know what obstacles or opportunities life might bring, so it’s always important to be prepared. With a personal loan or line of credit from Centra, you have the freedom to cover whatever expenses or chances come your way!

Personal loans

A personal loan fits your wants, needs, and dreams! Looking to pay off high-interest debt or take a once-in-a-lifetime trip? A personal loan is perfect for you.

Personal line of credit

A personal line of credit gives you more than just freedom. It can give you a sense of security! That’s because with this line of credit, you can use it when you need it, including for overdraft protection. If you’re ever hit with an unplanned expense, you know you’re covered with your personal line of credit from Centra!

Personal loans and lines of credit come with many perks like:

  • No collateral requirement
  • Lower interest rates & higher borrowing limits
  • Easy management & transfers
  • Debt Protection options

Loan Rates