Digital Banking

Banking has never been this easy.

With Centra, managing your money is a breeze. Experience the future of banking with our innovative features and benefits designed to simplify your financial life.

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Accounts Experience

Enjoy a fresh, modern look of your accounts that makes navigating through your transaction and account details much simpler. Easily switch through the account cards to view quick action buttons that take you to your desired task.

Simplified Navigation

When you log in on the mobile app, you can quickly find what you need with the convenient bottom bar. Tap ‘More’ to see a list of categories in the full mobile menu and choose one to use the tools and resources you rely on.

Your Money Quick, with the Snap of a Pic

When it comes to you and your money, having quick and easy access is a must. With digital banking, you also have access to great tools like mobile deposit! With this feature, you can deposit checks from anywhere, giving you fast and convenient access to your money. Learn more about Mobile Deposit at Centra, here!

Control All Your Centra Cards

With card management built right into digital banking, you can see information about your Centra debit and credit cards in one place. Block and unblock your card, enable international transactions, request a replacement card, and manage card alerts, all on your mobile device or desktop!


But wait, there’s more! Isn’t it the worst when you have to update your card information on multiple websites? Say hello to CardUpdatr! With this feature, you can update your card information on sites such as Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, and more in seconds! Look for CardUpdatr in the ‘Account Services’ menu in digital banking.

Link External Accounts

With digital banking, you can view all your bank accounts in one place! That means you can easily check your balances and make transfers for all your accounts, even the ones that aren’t with Centra! Add your external accounts in your accounts dashboard to check your balances and transactions. If you want to make transfers or payments with your external accounts, click ‘Transfers’ and add an account!

For a step-by-step guide to adding a non-Centra account in digital banking, click here.

Manage Your Financial Health

Track your financial health in the same place you manage your money! You can set your spending and saving goals, review your overall debt report, and discover your financial health score. Managing your money and your financial wellness is easy with digital banking!

What else

  • Read and review your transactions easily
  • Search your transaction history
  • Stay up-to-date with faster alerts and push notifications
  • Chat with a live agent during regular business hours
  • Unlock your account if you forget your password

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