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Onward with Centra Credit Union is a mission-driven line of business, focused on financial inclusion by reaching out to underbanked or unbanked individuals, those who’ve never had the opportunity to work with a traditional banking system. The work of Onward differentiates Centra from other financial institutions by providing banking with a cause.

Financial Empowerment

Onward is committed to providing Centra Members with free, unbiased, and bilingual financial education to support them on their path to financial empowerment.

  • Financial education such as group workshops to learn finance basics.
  • One-on-one training with a financial expert.
  • Financial coaching with virtual one-on-one sessions.
  • Financial accountability such as frequent and quick check-ins to help stay on target.


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Putting our Members and Communities first

Onward is committed to providing free and engaging financial education to our Members and the Communities we serve. We partner with local businesses and schools to provide our services to their employees and students. We also work closely with our Onward Council, a group of community and business leaders that are like-minded in mission to provide insight on how to best serve unbanked or underbanked individuals.

One-On-One Financial Coaching

As a Member of Centra, you have access to free financial coaching services. Our expert financial coaches provide one-on-one personalized support and guidance in a trusting environment so you can tackle your short- and long-term goals

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Community partners

Finances are the number one stressor for employees. We want to help them, and business owners, with financial wellness by offering unbiased education on financial topics that matter to them.

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Onward in schools

Financial literacy empowers students to make smart choices, avoid harmful debt, and achieve their goals. By starting early, they can learn valuable skills like saving, budgeting, and responsible spending. These habits become a foundation for a secure financial future, giving them the peace of mind to pursue their dreams!

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Meet the team!

Onward is led by experienced Team Members who are eager to help community members build strong financial foundations!

Carma Parrish
SVP Financial

marco headshot

Marco Dominguez
AVP Financial

cristina headshot

Cristina Garza
Financial Inclusion Development Manager

merari headshot

Merari Codina
Relationship Consultant & Financial Coach

lindsey headshot

Lindsey Phelps
Relationship Consultant & Financial Coach

"Centra's financial education workshops completely changed the way I think about spending"

Download our syllabus to learn more about how Onward can create value for you or your organization.

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