Centra Members are reporting fraudulent text messages claiming there has been fraud on their debit cards. If you receive one of these messages, please do not respond, call any numbers, or click any links. To identify a valid Centra fraud alert, visit Centra.org/debit-card-fraud-alerts/

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Lyndsay KendrickLyndsay Kendrick

AVP Retail  |  Columbus

lkendrick@centra.org   |   812-314-0277   |   NMLS# 616160

Addie BodeAddie Bode

Branch Sales Manager  |  North Vernon

abode@centra.org   |   812-718-2591   |   NMLS# 1101115

Amber FosterAmber Foster

Branch Sales Manager  |  Edinburgh

afoster@centra.org   |   812-314-0329  |   NMLS# 1942198

Krista DarstKrista Darst

Branch Sales Manager  |  Jeffersonville

kdarst@centra.org   |   812-280-2811  |   NMLS# 1174879

Phillip RadcliffPhillip Radcliff

Branch Sales Manager  |  Sellersburg

pradcliff@centra.org   |   812-280-2831  |   NMLS# 1126890