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Auto Loans

Hit the Road with Confidence

You’re probably a great driver, but life happens to even the best of us. Protect yourself from the unexpected with one of our auto loan protection options.

Centra Debt Protection

You won’t have to worry about delinquency, default or foreclosure of your auto loan if you experience a protected life event like involuntary unemployment, disability, or loss of life. Centra’s Debt Protection Program can cancel your loan balance if these unfortunate circumstances occur.

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Mechanical Repair Coverage


No one plans for an unexpected car breakdown. With our mechanical repair coverage, you can be ready for the road ahead. Centra is bringing you a better car repair experience. If your car qualifies, you can purchase mechanical repair coverage at an exclusive Member rate.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Even if your loan balance becomes higher than your vehicle’s value (which can happen as a car or truck’s value declines), you won’t have to worry about financial loss or liability with this protection. GAP coverage can take care of the difference between an insurance reimbursement and your outstanding loan balance.

Proof of Auto Insurance

If you received a notice from us requesting evidence of current insurance, this is because it is required as a condition of your loan agreement. Use this secure site to submit proof of insurance.

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