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3 reasons to work with a mortgage expert

work with a mortgage expert

You probably know about the benefits of working with a realtor when you’re buying a house. But did you know you should also work with a mortgage expert?

A mortgage expert can guide you through the money part of homebuying, just like a realtor helps you find homes and make an offer. Here are the top three benefits of working with a mortgage expert!

1. Know what you can afford.

There are plenty of calculators out there that can help you estimate house payments based on prices and rates. But how do you know what to put in? With a mortgage expert by your side, you can talk through what you need and learn how all the mortgage pieces work together.

2. Find the mortgage that fits you.

Many people think of a mortgage as the typical 30-year loan with a 20% down payment. In fact, almost two in five people think you need a 20% down payment to buy a house. However, the average down payment on a house or condo was just 12% in 2019. For first-time homebuyers, the average was 6%.ยน

A mortgage expert can help you find the right loan for you based on what matters to you. Do you have a larger down payment but want a smaller monthly payment? Or maybe you don’t have a down payment but could pay more each month? Your mortgage expert can talk through all this with you to find the right fit.

Mortgage options

3. Glide through your application and closing.

Homebuying can be overwhelming, even before you apply for your mortgage! It can be hard to know what documents you need to send, what you need to sign, and what some of them even mean. Your mortgage expert can guide you every step of the way, making your application and closing seamless.

Thinking about buying a home? Contact a local mortgage expert today! Whether you just want to learn more or are ready to make an offer, our experts are eager to help.

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