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Social Distancing While Supporting Local Businesses

ordering groceries on your phone
ordering groceries on your phone

As we all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, many businesses in our communities are struggling to make it through these tough times. Here are some ways to continue social distancing and still support local businesses:

Shop Local OnlineĀ 

Shop at local grocery stores, if you have one in your community. Many of these stores are offering delivery or curbside pickup services. Recently, national chain grocery stores have been flooded with customers and are having difficulties meeting the demand. If you want to avoid the crowds and support small businesses, try calling your local farms, grocers, pharmacies, and bakeries to see if they are offering delivery or pickup.

Buy Gift Cards

Plan ahead by buying a few gift cards from local businesses and help support them through their time of need. Later, you can use your gift cards to treat yourself to dinner and a movie, a night out, or a shopping trip at your favorite hobby store or boutique. If you plan on buying gifts for family and friends this year, a gift card supporting a local business would be a great way to give back in more than one way.

Schedule a Service for LaterĀ 

If you can, schedule work with a cleaner, a painter, a contractor, or a salon. Simply knowing that there will be work ahead can help reduce anxiety over cancellations and ease uncertainty about the future.

Consider a Donation

Refunds are being issued for many cancelled performances, games, and other events. If possible, you can opt out of the refund and choose to donate the cost of your ticket to support the future of the organization. It is also a great time to donate to local arts organizations, youth sports, or other community programs to help support their services and any future events.

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