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Three Cheers for Three Years of Teaming Up With Teachers

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The third annual Teaming Up With Teachers competition brought in a record number of teacher entries. This year 118 teachers entered to win by sharing a photo and story about their classroom and what they’d like to use the prize for if they win. Centra awarded $500 to the 4 teachers who received the most ‘likes’ on their submission through Facebook.

All the teachers who entered were surprised with a $50 gift card to help with anything they need for their classroom. To learn about how this competition worked you can read about it here!

The best part of Teaming Up With Teachers is knowing that these contributions will continue to impact the teachers and students of our communities long after 2019. We know how important that one special teacher can be for generations of students and we are so excited to do it again next year!  Please check out the four winning teachers and congratulate them by sharing this blog post on Facebook.

2019 Winners!

picture of teacher holding shirt
I teach agriculture, I would love to use the $500 to update our horticulture program and start a hydroponics lab!
picture of teacher
I teach 7th grade math and Pre-Algebra to 140 students. They have a good sense of humor, a lot of energy, and are eager to learn each day - I am so proud to be their teacher! To help my students feel more comfortable and attentive, I would love to provide them with new seating options - such as, yoga balls, wobble chairs, and cushions. My students work in teams daily; I am confident that flexible seating would also increase collaboration, communication, and interaction among my students. My classroom theme is ""cactus"", because my students and I ""stick"" together as a team and ""grow"" over the year. I would love to purchase live cactus plants for my students to take care of and help grow. The cactus plants would help foster a growth mindset and represent us "sticking""together as a team.
picture of teacher
I just recently graduated in December and was lucky enough to jump right into having my very own classroom! With my starting out teacher's pay I can only afford so much for my students. If I were to win this money, I would spend it on flexible seating for my classroom. Students need flexible seating to meet their individual needs. I want to create an environment for my classroom to where they feel comfortable while learning.
Picture of family
I would use the $500 to help purchase supplies for my students. I would also use the $500 to buy more options for flexible seating. My students love not sitting at a desk and having the choice to pick different types of seats.

Quotes from Facebook about Teaming Up With Teachers 2019

“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I am excited to start purchasing flexible seating for my classroom!”
– Winner Kaylin Wilson

“Thank you so much, Centra! What a blessing”
– Winner Kerri Miller

“THANK YOU SO MUCH. My kids will be so excited to have an updated room.”
-Winner Taylor Chastain

“Thank you so much Centra for giving back to education!”
-Facebook Fan

“Congratulations to the 4 winning teachers. What a surprise to the rest of us, thank you Centra Credit Union for recognizing teachers and the opportunity to add to our classrooms.”
-Facebook Fan

“Way to go Centra!! Thank you for supporting area teachers”
-Facebook Fan

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