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January 2023: A letter from the President

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Dear Members,

As we embark on the second year of our 4 The Future strategic plan, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what we’ve accomplished so far and look forward to all that’s to come. In 2022, we launched a new digital banking platform (with a Spanish language version), introduced pre-approved loan offers to eligible Members, identified where we’ll be opening our next two locations, and ended the year with another record-breaking amount of donations to our Holiday Giving Program.

January is also a fantastic time to refocus and set your goals and intentions for the year ahead. You might have many goals to accomplish this year, and we’re here to help you with your financial objectives. One of the reasons I love our new digital banking is the financial wellness resources built right into the app, and available in your browser as well.

Under the ‘Financial Wellness’ menu, you can track your spending, set savings goals, and more. In ‘Spending,’ you can see how much you’ve spent by month and category. If you’ve added any non-Centra accounts, those are included in your spending summary. You can also check your recurring expenses under ‘Spending’ to identify any unwanted subscriptions to cancel. Once you’ve reviewed your spending habits, you can click on the ‘Savings Goals’ tab to set a goal for 2023.

In addition, our Team Members are here to help you achieve your financial dreams. Please feel free to visit your nearest Centra location to discuss your financial goals, schedule an appointment with a consultant and more. If you haven’t used Zogo, the financial education app, I encourage you to download the app or ask a Centra Team Member about it during your next visit. It’s a great way to earn gift cards while learning about money, and we anticipate a Spanish language version of Zogo being released later in 2023.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday season and wish you a Happy New Year!

Rick A. Silvers
President and CEO

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Rick A. Silvers