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Simplify your transfers and payments with digital banking

Make transfers and payments


Need to make a transfer? Digital banking makes it easy!

With digital banking transfers, you can transfer to and from your Centra accounts and your non-Centra accounts. Once you’re in the transfers area of digital banking, you can quickly adjust the settings to make a one-time or recurring transfer. To add a non-Centra account, just choose ‘Add account,’ and you’ll be ready to transfer in just a few minutes!


Make your loan payments in seconds with digital banking!

With digital banking, you can make payments on all your Centra loans and credit cards! You can make a one-time payment, or you can schedule your payments so you never miss a due date. In addition to making your regular payment, you can also make a principal payment or pay off your loan. Just head over to the ‘Transfers’ section and explore all your options!

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