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Have you tried out these top digital banking features?

Top ten features

You deserve digital banking that makes your life easier. Well, Centra’s digital banking does just that with enhanced features to improve your day-to-day banking experience! Here are the top ten features in digital banking that we think are pretty cool.

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Link non-Centra accounts

Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to see all their accounts in one place? With Centra’s digital banking, you can link your non-Centra accounts in minutes right from your mobile or desktop device.

Quick and easy transfers

Not only can you see all your accounts in one place now, but you can also make transfers to and from your Centra or non-Centra accounts! Just make sure to add your accounts in ‘Transfers’ and in your accounts dashboard.

Pay your loans

Paying your loans is simple with digital banking. Make one-time or recurring payments using your Centra or non-Centra accounts.

Send money to friends and family with Zelle®

Zelle makes it easy to send money in seconds. Owe your friend money for lunch? No problem! In a few taps, you can send them money right from your mobile device!

Update your card information

Isn’t it the worst when you get a new card and have to change your card info on all your favorite sites? With CardUpdatr®, you can update your card information on sites like Amazon, Netflix, or Walmart in minutes.

Card management

Manage your Centra debit or credit cards like a pro with digital banking. Block and unblock your card, enable international transactions, request a replacement card, and manage card alerts, all on your mobile device or desktop.

Monitor your financial health

You deserve the tools you need to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your finances. With digital banking, you can check your financial health with the new FinHealth survey. Plus, you can set spend or savings goals and review your overall debt report in the same place you manage your money. How cool is that?

Set savings goals

Saving can be hard, and everyone’s situation is different! You have the tools to set savings goals that work with your budget. Whether you start small or big, setting a savings goal can help you stay on track.

Monitor your spending

Budgeting can be overwhelming at times. Digital banking makes it simpler for you! You can monitor your spending habits and see where most of your expenses are. Who knows what you might find! Maybe you’re spending most of your money on subscriptions, bills, or maybe one too many Starbucks visits (we don’t judge!). Whatever it may be, you can monitor your spending and see what you might want to change!


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