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March 2022: A letter from the President

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Dear Members,

We are proud of the many ways that Centra gives back. Giving back to our Members and our Communities is a key part of the credit union difference, and announcing our most recent Member Loyalty Bonus in January was an honor. We are also proud of the voice that our Members have in helping us shape our strategic direction. We regularly send surveys to randomly selected Members, and we review every response to learn how we can continue to enhance your experience.

Today I’d like to share a few examples of how your feedback helped us make positive changes to our processes. For instance, a trend emerged in the surveys about our instant issue debit cards, and we improved access to this product as a result. Similarly, our Members shared their thoughts on our Contact Center’s Member verification process. After reviewing the comments and our options, we updated our process to use a one-time passcode for verification. Speaking of identity verification, it is critical to note that we will never ask you to tell us your card numbers or login credentials. Other comments we’ve received help us identify training needs and improve both Member and Team Member Experience.

We also greatly appreciate the comments that let us know what our Members love about us. For example, several of our Members recognize their favorite Team Members in the feedback they provide. These Team Members are often complimented on their outstanding service, going above and beyond to help our Members while maintaining a friendly and professional attitude. We’re then able to celebrate these outstanding Team Members and give them the opportunity to share advice with others.

These are just a few examples of how your feedback helps guide the direction of our Credit Union. In my last letter, I introduced the tenets of our new strategic plan. Your voices from our surveys helped guide the development of that plan, and they will continue to influence our decisions. While we might not be able to act on every piece of feedback we receive, I want to assure you that your voice is always heard.

Rick A. Silvers
President and CEO

Rick A. Silvers

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