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Surprise! It’s time for a Member Loyalty Bonus!


Centra has had a successful year, and we have our Members to thank! That means it’s time for another Member Loyalty Bonus!

A Member Loyalty Bonus is a unique benefit of a Centra Membership. With the Member Loyalty Bonus, you can earn surprise extra deposits to your Member Loyalty Account (MLA) based on how much of your banking you do with Centra, how well our Credit Union is performing, and a handful of other factors including the economy.

In early 2021, when Centra first launched Member Loyalty Rewards, the Credit Union paid out $2 million in Member Loyalty Bonuses to Members with checking accounts. Now we’re paying out another $1.5 million in Member Loyalty Bonuses! On January 19, 2022, eligible Members will be getting an extra deposit to their MLAs. Individual Members will receive between $10 and $35 based on their total relationship with Centra.

We hope you enjoy this boost to your new year savings!

What if I have multiple MLAs?

Members with multiple MLAs will receive their deposit in the most active MLA based on transactions and balances.  If the account activity is the same across all MLAs, then the MLA with the lowest account number will receive the deposit.

What if I only want one MLA for all my checking accounts?

No problem! You can link any or all of your checking accounts to one, single MLA so your rewards accumulate in one place. Visit a Centra location or give us a call at 800-232-3642.

Why is Centra paying out a Member Loyalty Bonus?

When you bank with Centra, you’re a Member of the Credit Union. As a Member, you’re also an owner and shareholder. That means Centra exists to serve you and create value for you. When our Members have a great year, we have a great year too! This is just one of many different ways Centra creates value for our Members.

Can I expect bonuses in the future?

Periodically, Centra will evaluate performance to determine if another bonus is possible. The payment of any future Member Loyalty Bonus can also be impacted by the economy, which affects our Credit Union’s overall success. You can help Centra grow and be successful in many ways, such as using your Centra debit and credit card, signing up for eStatements, using direct deposit, working with Centra on your lending and savings needs, and referring your friends and family to Centra.

Don’t have an MLA? Now’s the perfect time to get started!

When you open a consumer checking account with Centra, you get an MLA to go with it. That’s because having an eligible checking account is the only requirement for participating in Centra’s Member Loyalty Rewards! Plus, moving your account to Centra is speedy and painless with ClickSWITCH.

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Earn more rewards!

Your MLA is where all your cash rewards are deposited, in one place, so you can watch your balance grow. Member Loyalty Bonuses are just one way to earn rewards!

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