ClickSWITCH makes moving your account to Centra speedy and painless

When you decide to switch to Centra, ClickSWITCH moves everything over safely and securely in just a few clicks. ClickSWITCH automatically:

  • Notifies your employer to redirect your direct deposit.
  • Lets your utility companies know to deduct payments from your new Centra account.
  • Informs streaming movie and music services where to switch your recurring payments.
  • Initiates the closure of your old accounts.
  • Saves you a bunch of time by easily doing all of the work for you.
  • Sends you automated text messages about your switch requests. Reply “STOP” if you don’t want to receive any more text updates.


You need to be a Centra Member to get started with ClickSwitch.

To open an account, simply do so online or stop by any Centra location.

Ready to Switch?

Start ClickSWITCH


If you have already opened your Centra account and have your Activation code, click the button to access the login page. If you have questions about how to get started, call us at 800-232-3642.

Easy instructions for switching your direct deposit.

1. Click Start ClickSWITCH to log in to your ClickSWITCH account.

Don’t have a ClickSWITCH account? Give us a call to get your activation code.

2. Choose ‘Switch Direct Deposits’ on your ClickSWITCH dashboard.

3. Select ‘Enter Direct Deposit Details.’ (If you’re not sure what deposits are coming into your current account, you can use Switch Assist to help you find them.)

4. Start typing the name of your employer, benefits agency, or other organization that sends your deposit. Choose your employer or agency from the suggested options, choosing a Verified result, if there’s one.

Can’t find the right employer? Click ‘Not here? Create a new depositor’ and complete the form.

5. Decide which account you’d like your deposit directed to. If you have more than one Centra account, you can set certain amounts or percentages. Click ‘Continue’ when you’re done.

6. Provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number and click ‘Continue.’

7. Review all your information, make any changes if you need to, and click ‘Submit’!