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Increasing your Financial IQ

Zogo, the gift that keeps on giving!


It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to start checking those gifts off your shopping list! You’re probably shopping for new technology, maybe some clothes, or maybe even some houseware items. But have you ever thought about giving the gift of financial education? I know. The phrase “financial education” doesn’t sound all too fun, but it’s actually really important!

Maybe you have a child who just got their first job, and you want to teach them how to manage their money. With Zogo, you can do just that! Plus, it’s free to download! Zogo is a fun and engaging way to learn about money while getting paid. Take the bite-sized modules, test your knowledge at the daily pineapple party, and cash out with gift cards to your favorite stores!

It doesn’t stop there. Not only does Zogo make learning about money management enjoyable, but it’ll help build financial confidence! By taking a few modules each day, you’ll learn tips and tricks for how to reach your financial goals!

Zogo is the gift that keeps on giving! The more you play, the more you earn! Learning about money doesn’t have to be boring.

Check it off your list!

  1. Download the Zogo app
  2. Enter Access Code: CENTRA
  3. Enjoy over 300+ short, bite-sized modules.
  4. Earn $5, $10, and $15 gift cards to your favorite stores like Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and more!