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The benefits of contactless cards

Benefits of Contactless Cards

Convenience is key, and we’re always looking for ways to make our everyday, mundane tasks faster. Now contactless payments are here, making your checkout process speedy, safe, and secure.

What’s a contactless card?

A contactless debit or credit card uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with the card reader when it’s held near the reader during a transaction. In other words, each time you tap your card, a one-time security code is created that protects your payment information. This lets the card reader securely authenticate your card information without needing your PIN or signature.

Contactless payment symbol

How can you tell if your card is contactless?

All contactless debit or credit cards can be easily identified by the wave-like symbol that looks like a sideways Wi-Fi icon. Depending on the card issuer, this can be found on either the front or backside of the card.

Is it really safe?

Yes! The one-time security code that’s created when you tap your card keeps your payment secure. Your card information isn’t stored by the retailer, so your card is safeguarded against data breaches.

Plus, contactless cards only work when they’re within one to two inches of the payment terminal. You can also visit your nearest Centra location to pick up an RFID blocking sleeve for an extra layer of protection.

What about digital payments?

Many smartphones and smartwatches have also incorporated technology to let you make contactless payments. With these virtual payment options, you don’t even have to reach for your card!

Learn about digital payments here.

Not all stores accept contactless payments yet. If you’re looking for a place to tap to pay, click here.