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Get more with eStatements!

Signing up for eStatements is easy to do and an easy decision to make. Not only are eStatements like your very own safe, secure digital filing cabinet, but they’re also the gateway to more Member Loyalty Rewards! Once you sign up for eStatements and have a direct deposit to your Cashback Checking, you’ll be ready to get cash just for using your debit card.

Each month we upload your statement, and you can then access it for the next 10 years. If you have Cahsback Checking, we’ll send you an email when your statement is ready and show you all the rewards you earned. It really couldn’t be easier. Plus, think about how much paper you’ll be saving each year! Sign up for eStatements today for more cashback and less headache.

How do we reward you more for signing up? 

If you have a direct deposit and you sign up for eStatements, you could earn cash each time you use your debit card! Just make 15 or more debit card purchases each month and watch the rewards stack up! If you have High Interest Checking, having eStatements and direct deposit means no monthly maintenance fee. 

Signing up for eStatements is easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking.

  2. Select ‘eStatement Preference’ under the ‘My Profile’ menu.

  3. Choose your delivery option and click ‘Save’!