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Save for the holidays with Debit Card Round Up!

Many people look forward to the holidays for a bunch of reasons, like extra quality time with family, the spirit of the season, or the fun decorations. But do you ever feel stressed the closer the holidays are? It’s common enough that the American Psychological Association has a whole webpage about it!

If gift giving stresses you out, planning ahead could be your saving grace. With Debit Card Round Up, you can start saving for the holiday season now! Just sign up in Online Banking and watch your change add up as it’s moved into your Member Loyalty Account (MLA). Plus, your savings will grow even faster since your MLA has such a great interest rate!

So how much could you save?
Imagine you start “rounding up” on August 1. Every weekday you stop at Starbucks for a Caffe Latte and use your debit card to pay $4.55. That means 45 cents will also be transferred from your checking account to your MLA. You do that every weekday until the beginning of December. So that’s roughly:

17 weeks x 5 days = 85 days
$0.45 per day x 85 days = $38.25

That’s $38.25 saved for the holidays! And that doesn’t even count all the other times you use your debit card or the interest for your MLA.

Debit Card Round Up lets you save without even thinking about it! Sign up in Online Banking today and get ahead of your holiday gift giving. Need to save even more for gifts? Schedule a recurring transfer while you’re in Online Banking.


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