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As we grow, so does our commitment to you

Centra Credit Union Headquarters
Centra Credit Union Headquarters
Architectural rendering of Centra Headquarters Building in Columbus, Indiana.

You are the future of Centra Credit Union. You, your families, your children’s families, are the reason Centra exists today and why we need to ensure Centra’s success in the future. More than 77 years ago, when eight employees of Cummins Engine Company started our credit union with little more than a cigar box and a few dollars, those founding Members had a goal. That goal was to provide for low cost credit and a convenient place to save money.

That goal hasn’t changed, but it has come to mean so much more. In today’s world, our Members need robust banking technology, convenient and personalized service, and competitive products and services designed to meet everyone’s needs. Supporting this goal now takes much more than a cigar box. It takes an entire team of professionals – from those who serve you in our branches and contact center to those who work behind the scenes to support your banking needs.

Centra currently serves over 144,000 Members through 23 branch locations and a large contact center. The Credit Union has opened two new branches in the past three years and we have plans to open more. We’re here now to serve you and your family, just as Centra Credit Union has done for generations. And we want to be here for generations to come as well. To do that, we have to prepare for the future by positioning Centra for continued growth. As Centra grows across south central Indiana, our team behind the scenes grows too. To support this growth, Centra will be building a new Corporate Headquarters.

For more than a year, Centra has been researching the best options to meet our needs for office space while respecting the Credit Union’s responsibility to our Members. We have come to the conclusion that our best option is to build a new Corporate Headquarters Building on property we already own in Columbus. The new building will provide the space we need now and provide for additional growth in the future, while remaining committed to our local community. We will keep our Corporate Headquarters and decision-making right here where it belongs – in the same community as our Members.


Rick Silvers
President & CEO
Centra Credit Union

28 Responses to As we grow, so does our commitment to you

  • Beth says:

    Have you already purchased the property? Where is it? Thank you and congratulations!

  • Peggy Kessinger says:

    Could you have a branch on Dixie Hwy? There are 2 empty banks on dixie for sale.

  • Robert Dorsett says:

    Uuh, OK. Where will this location be?

  • Paul Meier says:


  • Ellen Baker says:

    My late husband, Kenneth R Baker, was one of those who joined the “Cigar Box Credit Union.” I am so glad that headquarters will remain in Columbus. Thanks.

  • jerry simo says:

    Where will it be built?

  • Tamara Parker says:

    I have banked with Centra for years and do not plan on going anywhere else.

  • Jim Elliott says:

    This Is great news, Rick. Glad to hear it! The only complaint I have is the slow service at the 26th street branch. This problem sorely needs to be addressed. Good luck on the new venture.

  • David Manley says:

    I didn,t see the address location>

  • Patti L Torre says:

    Centra Credit Union is the best in everything! I am so happy to have switched all my accounts three years ago! Nothing but positive things to say. Everyone treats you with respect and takes care of your transactions as if they were their own.
    Thank you for a great banking experience!

  • Sarah Montgomery says:

    Where are you planning on building this? Is the Wellesboro location going to be open more?

  • Tracy Planck says:

    I have been with jcb and pnc . I left them both years ago and I went to centra credit union and never been treated so good at centra credit union. Been the best move . Love this Bank. The courtesy is real.

  • Gary Burriss says:

    Congratulations….where will the new headquarters be located?

  • Michael L Clark says:

    These changes are good ones I hope your customer service can keep up. That appears to have been a struggle lately

  • larry e robinson says:

    a new place how about a new office on the west side of Seymour

  • Billi McQueary says:

    May I make a suggestion? Centre credit union needs to have more tellers. I stood in line for about 50 minutes before I was waited on. I’m disabled and that was a bit much for me.

  • Brenda Artis says:

    Glad to hear about new headquarters. Have you thought about opening a branch in Greenwood, IN? If needed I have to drive down to Columbus or Indianapolis. I am sure that I am not the only one. It takes a half a day to take care of business.

  • Jean W Brown says:

    I’m so very excited about the progress made with Centra and the members. As an old branch manager with Centra at Seymour and Union St. I have seen many changes since returning to the Columbus area in 2013.
    Will you addition affect the time capsule that is currently buried at the corner ? I realize that I probable won’t be around when the 100 yr opening occurs, but I would like for my grandchildren to know that it’s still safe and secure and awaits the “opening” day so they may be attendance.W

  • donald m runge says:

    What will be the address of the new building?

  • steve voelz says:

    Ok. Where???

  • Ardus L. Smith says:

    My husband joined Cummins Credit Union when he started working at Cummins in Sept. 1953.
    He opened accounts for all of our children when they became teenagers. He felt it was very important
    for them to become members. He retired after 40 years in 1993 due to illness and passed away
    in 2001. I am still a member and do all my financial business still at Centra.
    I think the corporate building is an asset to Cummins and Columbus.

  • Dawn woolley says:

    I send in my motorcycle payment to the PO Box 789 in Columbus, IN Centra Credit Union. Does that stay the same?

  • Mary Hooker says:

    Congratulations on growth. Where will the new corporate building be build?

  • Mike says:

    So where will the new headquarters be?

  • Vonny says:

    Congratulations! And…Thank you. ☺

  • Charlotte scrogham says:

    Glad you are staying local. We have been members for nearly 40 years. Not sure of exact date. We would appreciate having a branch in Franklin. There are many members in the surrounding area. It would be closer to home for most of these people to Franklin than Edinburgh. We would also be able to use an ATM without cost. We don’t use one because of the rates at the other bank. Thank you for listening.

  • Jane says:

    Congratulations! I have been a member for over 30 years, my husband for nearly 40 and my sister has now become a member. The Union street branch is my “home” branch. The people there are incredible! But I have never had anything but a positive experience at any of the branches! So where will the new headquarters be?

  • Oak Tree business systems, inc. says:

    It’s great to see so many positive responses from your members. Truly satisfied with your credit union’s commitment to them!

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