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Banking online means you can take care of your finances whenever it’s most convenient for you. We love to see you at our branches, but we’re also happy to offer you a full range of online services so you can manage your money from anywhere, 24/7.

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Transfer Money

Need to transfer money between your Centra accounts, to or from a different U.S. financial institution, or to a friend? Just look for the Transfer Money tab in BillPayer or see how you can pay somebody with Popmoney using just their email address or mobile phone number.

Open a Certificate

You can open a 10-month, 13-month, 24-month, 4-year or 5-year Certificate online simply by transferring money. There’s no need to call or visit if you don’t want to.

All you have to do is:

  • log in to CentraLink Online Banking
  • select Open a Sub-Account under the Access Accounts menu

Useful Tools

Online Banking Menu PDF

Online Banking User Guide PDF


We know your trust in us depends on how well we keep your personal, business, and account information secure.  That’s why we’re fully committed to keeping your information secure no matter how you choose to bank: in branch, online, by phone or at ATMs.

Learn more about online security and the steps you can take to protect yourself: