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We’ve Got A Member For Life!

Businessman talking on cell phone in city and celebrating
Businessman talking on cell phone in city and celebrating

We celebrated reaching $1 Billion in loans January 22 – February 2 by giving back to our Members and now, we’ve got a Member for life! Each business day during this time, we picked one Centra Member and paid their loan payment of up to $1,000. Additionally, one Member was chosen each business day to win a $100 Gift Card.

Throughout the Billion Dollar Loan Promotion, we gave back thousands of dollars to our Members and had fun doing it! It’s not every day we get to call a Member and tell them their loan has been paid for the month.

One winner we notified said, “I’m a Member for life. I think this is just awesome. I’ve never really won anything. My wife and I are just ecstatic!”

Loan Payment Winners

Terry – $100

Tamara – $100

David – $1,000

Kelsey – $100

Jean – $100

Jan – $535.16

Marvin – $761.46

Kenneth – $1,000

Benjamen – $619.79

Donald – $219

Gift Card Winners

Theodis – $100 Gift Card

Mary – $100 Gift Card

Linda – $100 Gift Card

Brandon – $100 Gift Card

Ricky – $100 Gift Card

Cameron – $100 Gift Card

Victor – $100 Gift Card

John – $100 Gift Card

Lisa – $100 Gift Card

Brittany – $100 Gift Card

Thank you for your continued support of Centra Credit Union! We would not be able to do things like this without you! It is our greatest joy to help our Members reach their own financial milestones.

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