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Side Gigs You Could Do Easily For Extra Money

Woman Paying Babysitter
According to CNN Money, 44 Million people in the U.S. have side hustles. Most of those who have side hustles are age 18-26 and most of those people are making $500 or more per month as secondary income. That’s a large amount of people making money on the side and a large amount of money they’re making. If you’ve wondered how you could make a little extra money every month without getting swindled, try one of these options:
  • Pick up some hours at a retail store you love. Bonus: lots of retailers offer a special discount to be used during the holidays even if you just work on Black Friday.
  • Let your neighbors and friends know you’ll house sit or dog sit for them. Especially great if you’re a pet person!
  • Get crafty! In your spare time, whip up some homemade items you can sell on a site like Etsy.
  • Freelance. Use your skills to freelance for companies who may need extra writers, photographers, etc. for a few hours a month and some extra spending money.
  • Make life simpler for someone else by cooking or cleaning for them. Of course, you would have a lot less up-front cost if you cleaned for someone than you would if you cooked for them, but with either of these options, you could really help someone out and make some extra money too!
  • Babysit. If you like kids, this is a great way to make some extra money. Most people who have kids need a babysitter from time to time and they’re usually willing to pay decent money for someone who can keep their kids alive happy.
The options for side hustles are truly limitless. Just think about what you have time for, what kind of money you’re hoping to make and what you might enjoy. Making a little extra money on the side is one thing “all the cool kids are doing” that is actually a good idea.

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