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10 Skills You Need To Master To Manage Time Like An Adult

woman looking at her watch
woman looking at her watch

Time management is hard and it’s only getting harder as the distractions grow … Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular say what?

Though likely no one has time management completely mastered, there are some skills we should all be able to put into practice. Here are 10 skills you should work on stat:

  • Understand the time and the place. There are times when you really just need to get things done. Know how to recognize those times, prioritize and put your head down and grind when necessary.
  • Start making to-do lists. To do-lists can make all the difference in productivity. Recognize what needs to get done now and what might be able to wait.
  • Know when it’s time to get off social media. You don’t have to get off social media permanently, but being on social media while trying to be a productive, just isn’t a good idea. Try something like the Cold Turkey Blocker app ( if you need assistance with this piece of the puzzle.
  • Realize that the small tasks matter. When you accomplish some small, quick tasks, you’ll gain momentum and get motivated to do even more.
  • Get plenty of sleep. You won’t be able to perform at a high level if you’re tired. Getting plenty of sleep is the first step in making sure you’re able to be as productive as you want to be.
  • Organize your space. You won’t be able to maximize your time if you’re constantly looking for paperwork, or items you need. Organize your space so you can accomplish tasks even quicker.
  • Set goals. When you set goals – SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven and time focused – you get more done.
  • Stop multitasking. It’s not helping anyone. Especially not you.
  • Give yourself less time. Yes, you heard that right. Give yourself less time and set deadlines. We’re all natural procrastinators and you might be surprised by how much you can get done when you’re doing it last minute.
  • Give yourself free time. Somewhere along the line, being constantly busy became a measure of importance. Well guess what? It’s a total myth. When you give yourself time to de-compress and relax, you’ll get more done when it’s time to work.

Mastering these vital time management skills will make Adulting easier. One time management skill we forgot to add? Sign up for Online and Mobile Banking and stop using your precious time to go into a branch unnecessarily. You can do almost everything you need to do from your desktop or phone!

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