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Travel On A Budget With These Tips

Traveling On A Budget
Traveling On A Budget

If you’ve been dreaming of taking a spring break trip, but aren’t sure how you’ll afford it, plan to travel on a budget with these tips. Travel can be expensive, especially during one of the hottest travel times of the year. However, even during one of the busiest travel seasons, you can put some of these tips and tricks into action to save a little money here and there that can really add up!

    • Think outside the box for accommodations. Sites like AirBNB and VRBO are good sites to explore for unique accommodations at travel spots across the globe. You’ll find everything from a penthouse in Manhattan to an airstream trailer in Louisville on these sites and you may find a really great deal for your vacation spot!

    • Drive to your destination. It seems so much easier to fly than drive and sometimes it is, but it’s rarely economical, especially with gas prices as low as they are now. Plus, when you add up all the time you spend getting to the airport, checking bags, going through security, boarding your flight & flying, it may not even be any easier or faster.

    • Visit an unlikely destination. Sure, going to a beach is fun and warm, but you can find lots of things to do in less traveled spring break destinations like Gatlinburg, St. Louis and even right in your own home town, where travel and accommodations might be cheaper. Think outside the box for accommodations and destinations and you might just have a winning combination.

    • Book last minute. If you didn’t book way in advance, consider waiting until the last minute. Yes, you might lose accommodations or travel you had your heart set on, but you may also score a great deal.

    • Put your memberships to work. Are you a AAA Member? How about Costco? Many memberships include travel deals, or savings for accommodations throughout the country. Make sure you check out what your memberships can offer regarding travel and experiences before paying full price for anything!

    • Cash in rewards. All three of Centra’s low-rate credit cards allow you to cash in on rewards just for spending money you were already going to spend anyway. Before you plan your spring break trip, see if you’ve racked up any credit card rewards you could use to make your trip less expensive.

Happy Traveling!

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