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Summer Savings: Spending Vacation

Summer Savings
Summer Savings

Frozen yogurt and a matinee or pizza and a trip to the pool? Both can come with hefty price tags for a family of four, but somehow these activities become an expectation during the summer months when school is out. How do you keep a house full of kiddos entertained without spending an extra dime? Enjoy a summer savings by looking for alternatives to pricey entertainment options.

Here are some tips for summer savings from some frugal Centra moms in the Columbus area:

Check out all the free or low-cost local options in your community. This summer, we’ll be checking out the Farmer’s Market, Parks and Rec activities, local greenhouses, AppleWorks, and the Fair. The Indianapolis Zoo is also a good option if you have a membership. My kids like overnight trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house too!—Maggie Allison, Mortgage Loan Originator

Go to the Library—they offer lots of programs for all ages, free of charge. The Commons playground is fun too and the Commons Museum also has free days that are sponsored by local businesses. When it’s nice out, park playgrounds are fun. When the weather is not cooperating, some cinemas offer free daytime kids movies. Churches also host Vacation Bible School for kids during the summer months. – Meghan Taskey, Retail Training Specialist

I plan to tryout some day passes to Ceraland this summer. There are also some fun concerts scheduled at the Indianapolis Zoo starting in June. The concerts are free for Zoo members and anyone who pays regular admission. You can even buy tickets online for a discount. The Indianapolis Indians are also hosting several “Super Hero Nights” this summer and ticket prices start out fairly low.  – Jenni Carr, Marketing Support Specialist

Family time can be free and fun! Don’t feel pressure to shell out extra money during the summer for entertainment. Enjoy the nice weather and longer days by making use of the free resources that are already available to you. Stick to you your guns on your budget and you can enjoy the summer savings.

What’s your favorite budget friendly summer activity? Comment below to share your suggestions!

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