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As a Centra member, you’re also an owner of the Credit Union. That means both contributing to and benefitting from the Credit Union’s success. So, the more products and services you use at Centra, the more you’re rewarded through the Centra Loyalty Rewards Program!

Every Centra member qualifies for a rewards level. You can increase your rewards level by increasing your use of Centra products and services. At the end of each month, your combined loan and deposit balances will determine your rewards level for the following month.

Based on your rewards level, you may qualify for discounted loan rates, reduced fees, free checks, and more!

 Silver $5.00+ (everyone)Gold $15,000+Platinum $25,000+Platinum Plus $40,000+
Year-end credit card summary
Senior Travel Program
FREE cashier's checks and money orders (limit 2 per day)
Additional bonus points per monthly debit card, or Visa Platinum2550100
FREE photocopying
FREE boxes of checks per yearOne box
$10 discount on wire transfers (once per month)
Discount on direct fixed-rate vehicle loans and other secured loans0.10%0.25%
1 waived Skip-a-Pay fee per year on a qualifying loan
Periodic special rates
0.10% discount on fixed-rate closed-end home equity loans
No Centra foreign ATM fees