Account alerts give you peace of mind!

Keeping tabs on your Centra accounts is easy with account alerts! Get notified by email or push notifications for specific actions without the hassle of constantly reviewing your account. We can send you notifications for things like:

  • Automatic deposits or withdrawals
  • Balance summaries
  • Insufficient funds
  • Transactions
  • When a check has cleared
  • When your loan payment is due

These are just a handful of alerts you can set up in your digital banking! You can also set up email notifications for mobile deposits, transfers, new logins, and general alerts (like changes to your personal information).

Getting started

To manage your account alerts:

  • Choose ‘Alerts’ under the ‘Account Services’ menu.
  • Select which category you’d like to set up an alert for.
  • For account alerts, pick which account you want to set alerts for.
  • Toggle the switch to turn alerts on or off.
    • Some alert types have additional options to customize.


Ready to go?

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