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Celebrating People Helping People

Centra Credit Union celebrates the Credit Union philosophy of People Helping People.

At Centra, we live by the mantra “People Helping People” and strive to create value within our Communities through meaningful service. We don’t just mean lower fees and better rates, but getting out into our communities and helping one another.

Centra and the Centra Foundation donate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to organizations within the Communities we serve as one way to show our support. In addition, we’re always finding new ways to give back through volunteer efforts, donations, and other means of support. “People Helping People” also supports Centra’s vision to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for our Members, Team Members, and the Communities we serve. No matter your background, there’s a place for you at Centra!

Ways Centra supports People Helping People

Our Members are at the heart of what we do! That’s why we choose to give back through monetary donations, community involvement, and other means of support.

  • Holiday Giving Program. Each year, the Centra Foundation collects donations to support local non-profit organizations to provide gifts for children in need during the holiday season.
  • Celebrate Centra Day. Each year, during Centra’s company-wide in-service training day Team Members are each given a gift card to “Pay It Forward,” which they can use to give back to their community.
  • Team Member Nominated Donations. Numerous non-profit organizations receive grants from the Centra Foundation each year to help continue their missions to serve their communities. Every organization is nominated by Centra Team Members.
  • Loretta M. Burd Scholarship Program. The Centra Foundation’s scholarship program provides $2,500 scholarships to a number of high school seniors and adult students over 21.
  • United Way Workplace Campaign. Each year, we hold our United Way workplace campaign to rally together and support United Way for all that they do to support our Communities. In 2022, we raised $103,350 for our local United Way agencies!
  • Teaming Up With Teachers. We want to support teachers within our Communities to show appreciation for all their hard work and determination. That’s why each year we give teachers a chance to win one of four $500 gift card.

Learn more about our Community Involvement >

Ways you can support your community

Sometimes it may seem a bit overwhelming to get involved in your community. Showing your support doesn’t have to be monetary, and there’s organizations you can volunteer at to help give back in meaningful ways. Here’s some ideas for ways you can get involved in your community and support People Helping People!

  • Donating. Donations doesn’t just mean to give out money, it can also be physical items. Maybe you have a lot of shoes you no longer wear, or your decluttering your kitchen cabinets. Donating items you no longer use to local non-profit organizations can help those in need.
  • Volunteer. Volunteering your time can be done in many different ways! Most communities have multiple opportunities to get involved. You can volunteer your time at local homeless shelters, animal shelters, or food banks.
  • Join a mentorship program. Investing in the children in your community can make a great impact. Find mentor opportunities >
  • Shop local. Shopping at local stores or eating at locally owned restaurants can benefit your community because you’re putting money back into your local economy.
  • Clean up efforts. Picking up trash probably doesn’t sound too appealing, but it could really make a world of difference for areas in need in your local community.
  • Tutoring. If you have a passion for education, you could help out members in your community by offering free tutoring to struggling students.

Find local non-profits near me >

Centra was founded on the principle of “People Helping People,” and we want you to be a part of that! There are so many ways you can be a supporting member of your community. Whether you provide monetary support, make donations to local shelters, or attend local community meetings, you’re helping make a difference in your community. That’s People Helping People!