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Increasing your Financial IQ

Take control of your financial health

manage your financial health

Digital banking lets you track your financial health in the same place you manage your money! You can set your spending and saving goals, review your overall debt report, and discover your financial health score.

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You can see a full overview of your spending habits across all your accounts in digital banking, including the non-Centra accounts you’ve added! You can monitor your spending in several categories and keep track of recurring expense to watch out for unwanted subscriptions.

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You have big plans for your life, and saving can help you get there! With digital banking, you can set up specific savings goals and track your progress. Once you’ve set up your goals, you’ll be able to see when you’ll likely meet your goal.

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Financial health and education

How is your financial health? To see how you rank, take the FinHealth survey and get a list of your next steps to improve your score. You can also take your financial education to the next level with easy access to financial calculators and a link to learn more about Zogo.

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Managing your money and your financial wellness is easy with digital banking!

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