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20 tips to help you navigate your twenties

Tips for your twenties

When you were a child, chances are you wished you were a grown up so you could do whatever you wanted! We all went through that, right? Or maybe you were longing for the day you got your license so you could drive yourself around to wherever you want. Those were the days!

Well, here we are, and the reality is being an adult isn’t all just fun and games! Yes, you can go to the store at 9:00pm and buy snacks if you want. But one thing’s for sure. Being an adult isn’t easy. So, we put together 20 simple tips to help you navigate your twenties:

  1. Start contributing to your employer’s 401(k) and open an investment account.
  2. Set up automatic payments for your student loans or other big monthly debts (maybe even consider an automatic transfer from checking to savings).
  3. Learn how to change your tire.
  4. Better yet, add roadside assistance to your car insurance plan!
  5. Start checking your credit score regularly.
  6. No credit history yet? Get started now! Here are some tips on how you can build great credit.
  7. Start building an emergency savings.
  8. Find a healthy hobby, whether that’s reading, working out, or volunteering.
  9. If you haven’t already, set up direct deposit! Gone are the days of walking into your financial institution to deposit a check.
  10. Start honing in on your cooking and baking skills. Eating out often is expensive, so opting to stay in and cook can save you a pretty penny!
  11. Get a second and third set of sheets for your bed and change them out regularly!
  12. Make sure you’re insured for life’s unexpected.
  13. Ditch the joint account with your parents. It’s time to open your own checking account!
  14. Pay off credit card debt and start learning to practice patience instead of instant gratification.
  15. Create a monthly budget and stick to it!
  16. Got student loans? Make a plan to start paying them off. Right now, student loan repayment is frozen, and you could be using that time to pay them down with no interest!
  17. Buy some power tools and learn how to use them.
  18. The more money you make doesn’t automatically mean you should start spending more!
  19. Learn how to jump a car battery.
  20. Invest in yourself! It’s always a good idea to keep building new skills to ensure you can find your place in the everchanging job market.

Being an adult can be tough, but banking with Centra makes it better! Open an account online or make an appointment to meet with one of our Team Members. Together, we can help you navigate life!

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