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Get ready to experience an all-new Centra.Org!

New website

We’ve been hard at work to bring our Members and website visitors an updated and refreshed Centra.org! The relaunch will be happening during the first half of November, and we’re so excited for you to experience the new site! Along with having a new, updated look and feel, we’re bringing you a more streamlined menu, easier navigation, and so much more. Now you can enjoy and access all your favorite Centra services on a platform that was designed with you in mind.

Important: Your experience using our new website will be greatly improved using a modern web browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. If you are still using Internet Explorer, this would be a great time to update to Microsoft Edge.

Online Banking Log In

old log innew log in

One of the first major differences you’ll notice as you visit our site is that the Online Banking login has moved locations! Previously, this has always been located in the middle of the homepage. Now, Members can find the login at the top righthand corner of the homepage. This more visible and accessible location will be your one-stop shop to log in to Online Banking, make a loan payment, and manage your credit card!

New Mega-Menu

old menunew mega-menu

The second major change you will notice is our drop-down menu! Our old menu was broken into multiple tabs, creating too many clicks to get to where you wanted to go. Now, with our new streamlined mega-menu, you’ll have quick access to all of our services just by hovering your mouse over one of seven menu options! This also lets differently-abled website visitors navigate the site easily.

Brand New Blog

old blognew blog

Last but certainly not least, our Centra blog is getting a much needed facelift! Previously, our blog site was simply just a list of thumbnails for each blog posted in chronological order. Now with the new update, our blog posts will not only be in chronological order, but they’ll also be categorized! You’ll notice that there’s a menu list with six different categories to choose from. Looking for a post related to budgeting? Click the ‘Budgeting/Saving’ category, and you’ll be shown all of our blogs related to that topic!