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Teaming Up With Teachers Winners 2021

Teaming up with teachers

Our teachers are very important to the future of our Communities and deserve all the support they can get. That’s why we asked teachers to share positive words of encouragement to enter this year’s Teaming Up with Teachers contest for a chance to win $500.

The submissions we received are not only uplifting for other teachers during this time but for our Communities. Thank you to all of our teachers for inspiring the youth and adapting to the ever-changing world. Your students will be forever grateful for the impact you have made on their lives and communities.

Visit our Facebook page to watch our President announce the four winners and an extra surprise for all 32 teachers who entered!

The Winners! 

Rusty Jones, Charlestown High School-

“$500 could help my class in one of two ways. Either $500 could go towards the cost of having a full set of classroom graphing calculators for my math classes, or it could go toward the cost of buying lumber and other materials for my millwright/construction classes. Providing these tools for students is the most basic yet most expensive step in getting students to grow, learn, and succeed in the classroom and later in the real world.”

Hannah Riehl, Mount Healthy Elementary-

“My class is a wide range of students high levels and lower levels. With the difference in levels, $500 would help definitely help me gather materials and resources and items for my classroom that would benefit the students in creating different centers for the levels of students that I have. I would be able to help each students focus on their needs with the resources I would be able to get such as manipulatives for math and language arts as well. I would be able to also expand my classroom library to be able to meet the levels of all my students!”

Anne Freeman, Northside Middle School-

“My 7th grade students are part of the Global Studies pathway at Northside Middle School. They are caring, inquisitive students. We do a lot of projects in the Tyro Team and the $500 would help to support these projects. We also have an urban greenhouse that the students work in and $500 would be very useful for greenhouse supplies.”

Heather Lewis, Seymour Jackson Elementary-

“$500 for my class would go to basic necessities that my students need to succeed everyday. Students need supplies for their art boxes. The students need new playground balls, jump ropes, chalk, and other playground items. Playground equipment would be used for more than just my class too. All of these items could be purchased with the $500 for our classroom.”