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Easter Egg Hunt Fun in 2021!

Have some Easter fun at home with these virtual egg hunts!

Social distancing makes traditional holiday celebrations hard, so we’re here to help! Your kids can stay safe at home with our virtual egg hunt and coloring sheets. Start with the easy level and see how fast they become experts!

Coloring Page




We’d love to see your coloring masterpieces! If you or your kids use our coloring sheet, feel free to post a picture to social media and tag us.

Looking for more ways to celebrate? 

  1. Have a hunt at home!
    You can hide eggs throughout your home or your yard! A friendly tip: If you use real eggs, make sure they’re all found!
  2. Hide and search for eggs worldwide with Cadbury UK.
    The “Cadbury Worldwide Hide” experience aims to “connect people across the U.K. through the power of generosity,” the brand said. You can “hide” an egg anywhere on a map and then send a clue to loved ones to help them find it. You can also choose to buy and send a real egg as a reward when the virtual one is found.