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That One Time Centra Gave $6,400 to Local Teachers

Alyssa With Kids
Alyssa With Kids
Winner, Alyssa Bontrager with students

Anyone who knows a teacher knows the reality of teaching. Teachers spend many hours outside of normal work time creating lesson plans, grading papers and dreaming up ideas to keep their students engaged. They even sometimes spend their own money to buy supplies for their classroom or students. That’s why we decided to hold the Teaming Up With Teachers Contest on Facebook. We wanted to give back a little to those who do so much.

We are so excited that nearly 100 teachers from 70 different schools in the counties we serve participated in the Teaming Up With Teachers Contest! Each teacher who entered worked hard to get their friends to “like” their pictures on Facebook (one like equaled one vote) and they generated an incredible buzz around the contest and Centra. Originally, we promised a to give $500 Visa Gift Cards to the four teachers who got the most likes on their Facebook photos, but Centra values our educators so much, we decided to do a little more. We gave $50 Target Gift Cards to every single participant in addition to the four $500 Visa Gift to the winners. That means we gave a total of $6,400 in Gift Cards to local teachers.

Many of the teachers who entered to win the Teaming Up With Teachers contest said they would use the money they won to buy unique seating options for their students. Some said they would purchase books for their classrooms and others said they would take their students on a field trip. No matter how the teachers who participated in our contest choose to use the money they won, we know their students will benefit and we are thrilled to be a part of that!

Congratulations to Alyssa Bontrager from Needham Elementary School, Leah Senior from Children’s Morning Out, Lee Anne Hahn from Austin Middle School and Shelley Everhart from Silver Creek Primary for winning $500 Visa Gift Cards! Congratulations to all of the other teachers who entered the contest on winning $50 Target Gift Cards for your classrooms and students!

Check out some of the awesome comments we got:

“Such a wonderful gesture by your Credit Union!!! Kudos!”

“Thank you, Centra, for supporting teachers! The Target gift cards are such a generous gesture J”

“Congratulations Shelley Eversmann Everhart!! I am so proud to say that you were Jack’s kindergarten teacher. And, thanks to Centra for their commitment and support of education!”

“Wow! Congrats to the winners! So generous of Centra to award all of the teachers who participated! Thank you so much!”

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