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10 Free and Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas
Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

The long list of people to buy for at Christmas can be overwhelming. However, with a little creative thinking, you can give gifts that are inexpensive, but meaningful. Here are some ideas we thought of:

Homemade Coupon Book

You’ll have to personalize this one to the person receiving the gift. Some ideas include: free babysitting services, a back rub, a homemade dinner, yard work or a car wash. Tell the person you’re giving the coupon book to, to cash the coupons in at any time. Your recipient will be excited and thankful, and you will have spent virtually no money.

Homemade Cookies or Treats

Wrap some yummy treats up with pretty sailplane and a bow and you have a pretty, inexpensive and yummy gift to give! If you want to step it up a notch, go to a discount store like TJ Maxx, or The Dollar Store and get a cute coffee cup to go with the treats!

Recipe Book

Start scouring Pinterest now for recipes you think would delight the recipient. Print them out and put them in a binder organized by category. The recipient of your recipe book is sure to be thrilled by a collection of recipes you chose just for them!

Relaxation Kit

This one is easy, but almost anyone is sure to love it. Wrap a shoe box in pretty paper and fill it with inexpensive bubble bath, a shower poof, some tea lights and a face mask. Viola! A relaxation kit!

Fleece Tie Blanket

The winter months can get pretty chilly, so a homemade blanket is not only special, but useful. Watch for sales on fleece at your local craft stores, choose some especially for the person you’re giving your gift to, and then craft a Tie Blanket.

Family Fun Kit

The relaxation kit might be perfect for mom and dad, but the family fun kit can be perfect for everyone! Get a $1 Promo Code for a movie from Redbox and write it on a card you place in a box. Add in a bag or two of un-popped popcorn, a card game like UNO or Old Maid and a couple boxes of candy and you’re all set!


Print off pictures for family members and put them in inexpensive frames. Photo gifts are always a real hit for family members, and a framed photo can cost as little as $5!

Gifts in a Jar

There are all kinds of ideas for gifts in a jar on the internet. Whether you choose to do a cookie, soup or brownie mix, your recipient will be pleased and will enjoy making the yummy gifts!

Lottery Tickets

Your recipient may double, triple or even quadruple the amount you spent on this gift when they scratch it off. Even if they win nothing, they’ll enjoy the anticipation and fun!

DIY Coasters

Coffee and hot chocolate mugs are a winter staple, but no one wants their furniture to get ruined by those tasty drinks! Use this tutorial to make personalized coasters for friends and family to decorate their homes, and keep their furniture protected with.

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