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Mortgage Matters: Get a Good Look

Couple Shopping for House
Couple Shopping for House

Online home listings can give you more details than you ever wanted to know about a house— dozens of color pictures, a description of the property, what the property has sold for in the past, and even what neighboring homes are worth. Because of this, it’s tempting to mentally choose a home before you even step onto the property. Here’s why you shouldn’t get your hopes up before you get a good look.

  • Limited Photos: Your would-be dream home may have dozens and dozens of artful photos online, but what’s in those photos? A close-up of the original light fixture in a historic home is great, but a wide shot of the ceiling to check for cracks or potential leaks would be better. Of course sellers want to show you the best of the property! They’re probably not going to post photos of dated or problematic areas.
  • Know the Neighborhood: Yes, Google street view will give you a good look at the neighborhood, but it won’t introduce you to your neighbors. Those views can also be a few years old and won’t account for recent changes in the neighborhood. Plus you’ll want to spend some time assessing the noise and amount of traffic in the area.
  • Layout Surprises: Unless you’re buying a new home, you probably won’t see the home’s floorplan listed online with photos. Your home’s layout should fit how you want to use the home. If you like to cook for a crowd, a kitchen that’s open to the dining and living areas is a good idea. If the beautiful kitchen you saw in pictures is actually closed off and down the hall from where your guests are sitting, you may not be as happy with the house as you thought.

There is A LOT of important information about a home you can only find out by setting up a showing. Don’t get your hopes up about a home until you’ve seen it in-person.

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