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Mortgage Matters: The Application

Home Application
Home Application

When you’re finished with research and you’re ready to buy a home, it’s time to apply for financing. To make the process as quick and easy as possible, gather the documents and information you’ll need before you start the application.

General Info:

  • Residence addresses for the last two years
  • Name and addresses of employers from the past two years
  • If applicable, name, address, and phone number of landlord or land contract holder
  • If applicable, divorce decree and final property settlement
  • Be ready to produce a written explanation of any current or past credit problems


  • W2s for the past two years
  • Paycheck stubs from the most recent 30-day period
  • If self-employed, two years’ personal business tax returns and current profit and loss statements
  • Child support – most recent 12-month history for local courthouse or copies of most recent 12 months cancelled


  • Monthly statements from the last two months for any checking and savings accounts
  • Monthly statements from the last two months for any investment and retirement (401k/IRA) accounts
  • Copy of land contract, if applicable (if you own land outright)


  • Copy of executed order for child support/maintenance
  • All outstanding loan and credit card payments and balances
  • Copy of land contract, if applicable (if you owe on it)

These are the items and info you need to apply for a mortgage with Centra. Other lenders may require additional information. Having this together before you start the application process will mean less “back-and-forth” and a quicker loan turnaround.

Now that you know what you need, start your application now!

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