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Why You Get Charged When Shopping Amazon And Other Online Vendors

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At Centra, we’re always looking out for you, which is why we’re sharing how to stop getting those pesky little charges from various  online stores. Here’s the scoop: It’s cheaper for vendors to run your card as a PIN-less PIN transaction, which allows them to process your transactions as ATM transactions without using a PIN. As you probably know, there is typically a charge for using an ATM that isn’t affiliated with the bank or Credit Union you use. Centra has a special offering for Members and waives four of those “foreign ATM charges” a month. However, if you order from an online vendor that runs your card as a PIN-less PIN transaction more than four times a month, you’ll get charged. The good news is that most vendors (like Amazon!) allow you to opt out of them using your card this way.  The directions for Amazon are below. For all other online stores, put Google to work, change your settings and put an end to all those frustrating fees! To opt out of PINless PIN transactions, go to the “Edit or Delete a Payment Method” on your Amazon account, hit the edit button shown above … And uncheck the “processed as a debit card” box. That will keep those transactions from being processed as PIN-less debit. For all other Centra questions, give our Contact Center a call at 1-800-232-3642. We are here to help you!

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