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2022 Teaming Up With Teachers winners!

Teaming up with teachers

We’re back with our sixth year of Teaming Up With Teachers!

Centra Credit Union and the Centra Foundation want to show our appreciation for the educators in our Communities. That’s why every year we team up with teachers by giving away $500 gift cards to four lucky teachers in our Communities. We appreciate all the hard work you do in providing quality education for our youth!

This year we had amazing engagement on social media! More than 800 people shared our Facebook post, reaching more than 200,000 people! Because we had such high engagement, we’ve decided to add one additional lucky winner!

Visit our Facebook page to watch our President announce the five winners and an extra surprise for the more than 70 teachers who entered!

Congratulations, winners!

Kaytlin Lock, Edinburgh Community Middle School, grades: 7-8 

“I teach 7th and 8th grade special education. Throughout the day I pull kids to work in small groups, I’m out in other classrooms working with my fellow teachers, or having a guided study class. In my guided study we work on organization, test taking strategies, executive function skills, tasks to help my students meet their annual goals, social and emotional learning, homework assignments and so much more!

500 dollars for my classroom would benefit my students in so many ways. I’d like to grow my library by providing my students with high interest novels that are written at a lower reading level. Many of my students read at a 3rd to 5th grade reading level but have a hard time finding books that still interest them, or that they can relate to. To keep my students reading I’d like to add books that are written at a reading level that they can independently read, and enjoy while reading them.

I also try to keep extra school supplies in my room at all times. These include binders, pencils, folders, notebooks, highlighters, and more. Many of my students come from low income families and having these supplies ready for whenever they need it has really come in handy. My students never have to worry if their parent has the money for a new binder, and can just grab a new one, get re-organized, and be on their way.”

Tricia Richey, Hayden Elementary, Grade: 4

“$500 for any teacher and their classroom is a great help! A lot of our own money goes in to all the “extras” like supplies, better resources, and curriculum.”

Rusty Jones, Charlestown High School, Grades: 9-12

“$500 would allow me to purchase additional graphing calculators and/or other resources for my math classes to better help them learn the type of math that I’ve been teaching, including Algebra 2 and Finite Math. Both classes at some point have a need for a graphing calculator, and many students cannot afford to get one on their own. By having calculators available in my class, I can at least help students have and use the calculators while in my classroom for lessons, homework, and tests.”

Nichole Nolan, Anderson Elementary, Grades: K-1

“I just started teaching in the public school last year. I previously taught in a Head Start classroom for 19 years. Moving to public school was a big change for me! I have to provide all toys, games, manipulative, construction paper, and other classroom materials. I would use the $500 to purchase classroom materials that my classroom is missing. My students would be forever grateful if they had more to do for indoor recess than to just play on their iPad or draw on white paper.”

Corey Baughman, Hayden Elementary, Grade: 1

“I would use the money to coincide with the purchased greenhouse at our school. I would use the money to purchase seeds, soil, potting trays and etc. Students will gain actual experience through the process of growing plants. The students will learn the value or hard work while taking care of the greenhouse. I believe the student’s engagement level for the greenhouse will increase with the hands on process of planting and taking care of the plants. I plan on using the money to spark the kid’s interest in growing and producing food/plants during our plant unit!”