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Important Upgrades for Your Security

Online Banking login

Enhanced security upgrades to Online and Mobile Banking are launching on July 27. These updates will enhance the safety and security of the login process and help prevent attempts to gain unauthorized access to your accounts.

Before the updates go into effect, we need your help! The security upgrades will require a verification code for certain transactions or updates to your account. The verification code will be sent to you through a text message or phone call, so it is important that you have an updated phone number on file. Click here to learn more about updating your contact information.

With this new security enhancement, you will notice a few differences as you login and use Online and Mobile Banking.

Updated login

The first difference you’ll notice is the online login. When you log into Online Banking, you’ll now put in your User ID and Password all on the same screen. With the User ID and Password on the same page, you’ll no longer need your security image or passphrase. After entering your User ID and Password, you will go directly into Online Banking. Once you’ve set up a device, you’ll be able to get into your accounts faster while staying safe and secure.

Online Banking login

Security Challenges

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll receive a security challenge. You’ll be asked to choose whether you’d like to receive a verification code through a verification alert text message or phone call. You’ll need this code to complete your login, so please make sure your phone number is updated as soon as possible. If you have any questions about updating your information, please give us a call at 800-232-3642.

Each login on a new device will prompt a security challenge. Updating your information or conducting some transactions will also trigger security challenges. These challenges give you extra security by making sure an unauthorized user isn’t making these changes. If someone does attempt to log into your Online or Mobile Banking account, they won’t be able to proceed without your phone.

If you choose a text verification alert, you’ll receive a text from 36397.

If you reply ‘Help,’ you will get a text directing you to call our Contact Center. Replying ‘Stop’ will unsubscribe you from any future text verification alerts. This means that you will no longer be able to receive these text alerts.

If you choose a voice message, you’ll receive an automated phone call for your verification code.

The verification code will expire after five minutes. You’ll have one chance to enter the code correctly. If you accidentally make a mistake or typo, you’ll have to request a new verification code. After three incorrect attempts, the login will be locked. You can call our Contact Center at 800-232-3642 to verify your identify and unlock your login.

Verification alert

Security questions

After you’ve completed your security challenge by entering the verification code, you’ll also have to set up new security questions. After you complete the security challenge for your first login, you’ll be taken to a screen to select your new security questions and answers.

A minimum of six characters is required for answers to make sure that your responses are unique enough to help protect your account. Questions that ask for a year as the answer have been removed.

Some Members have recently updated their security questions, and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

These updates all add an additional layer of protection to your accounts and prevent unauthorized access to your Online and Mobile Banking. If you ever have any questions about a security challenge, please call us at 800-232-3642.

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